Elements of the Catholic Mass

Liturgy’ means ‘the work of the people’. When we gather for Sunday Mass, the Liturgy that the Church provides becomes alive for us when we actively participate. The documents of Vatican II encouraged ‘active participation’ of the lay faithful in the Liturgy. We are fortunate in our parishes to have talented musicians who are willing to help us participate through supporting our singing. In order to enable us to participate in singing the Mass Parts (Gloria, Memorial Acclamation, Sanctus, Lamb of God etc.) it was decided at a meeting of the Music Ministry to use the same Mass Parts in both parishes. For Ordinary Time (i.e. from now to Ash Wednesday) this will be the Mass of Christ our Saviour. Therefore, anyone who pops between both parishes should recognise, and be able to join in with, the Mass Parts. Our three schools will also been given the Mass of Christ our Saviour so that the children may join in when they attend Church.
To further aid participation in the Liturgy it was decided that the Saturday Vigil Mass in St Pius X would be a slightly quieter mass with only the hymns being sung. To introduce more silence into all the Masses there will be a period of silent thanksgiving after Communion. The New Translation of the Roman Missal also encourages a quiet, reflective, time before and after Mass. Please respect other peoples’ time of prayerful preparation before mass by making the five minutes before Mass your quiet time of prayer also

Elements of the Catholic Mass is designed to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. Featuring experts from the Liturgical Institute, the program consists of beautifully produced weekly short videos of 2-5 minutes. These will be made available online for free. They will be ideal for personal faith formation or group discussion.